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In 2019, seven big trend in the development of smart home!


In 2019, seven big trend in the development of smart home!

Bill.Gates, In his book The Road to the Future, Gates portrays his private mansion built on Lake Washington.
The Silicon Valley elite's requirements for the house are not the same as real estate tycoon Li Ka-shing. Li Ka-shing pursues "lots, lots, lots", and Gates values ​​"smart, smart, and intelligent."
He described his home as "built from silicon and software" and "adopts cutting-edge technology." After 7 years of construction, in 1997, Bill. Gates’s mansion was finally built.
His mansion is built entirely in the concept of a smart home. Not only does it have a dedicated line for high-speed Internet access, all doors, windows, fixtures, and appliances are computer-controlled, and there is a high-performance server as the backstage for managing the entire system.
Today, smart homes are no longer exclusive to the rich, and have gradually spread to ordinary families.
Foreign media said that in 2019, smart home development will focus on seven major trends:

Trend 1: Smart Furniture

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At present, most people own smart home products that are accessories such as smart speakers and smart cameras. However, analysts believe that in the near future, it will be common for us to see the overall furniture with intelligent functions.
In fact, some companies in the UK have begun offering tables such as built-in wireless phone chargers, or sofas with speakers, and other furniture with built-in Apple products and applications.

Trend 2: Smart Garage Door

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Smart locks have been widely used in people's homes and gates. However, for one of the most commonly used garage doors for homeowners, the current smart lock is not yet applicable.
However, the new technology is making the original basic garage door opener a thing of the past.
MyQ is a case of smart garage door technology that allows you to check the status of the garage door through your smartphone and open or close the garage door. Don't worry about forgetting to close the garage door.

Trend 3: Smart Bathroom Technology

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Kohler is one of the first major companies to enter the smart bathroom. Most products support Alexa Smart Voice Assistant, which is very convenient for users.
The smart shower can set the temperature and water volume as needed, and even set the lights and music individually. Plus a mirror with voice-activated lighting makes it easier to apply.
Similarly, Moen has launched a smart shower, and analysts suggest that smart toilets with health analysis capabilities can be developed in the future, such as the ability to judge whether a person is pregnant.

Trend 4: Smart security products are more widely used

A survey of 1,000 American adults found that for those with the highest incomes, the primary task of smart homes is security.
Many companies are making cameras with AI chips that intelligently analyze the captured content. For example, Eufa EverCam is a wireless camera with 100 dB alarm function and one year battery life.
In addition, because Amazon acquired the smart doorbell brand Ring, it will make smart security technology more compatible with Alexa applications. Moreover, people will find this much easier than investing in advanced security equipment.

Trend 5: Rental apartments will be equipped with smart homes

According to some surveys, the deployment of smart devices in rental housing may bring better results to the owners.
Among the most popular features are security surveillance cameras, smart thermostats and keyless entry systems.


Trend 6: Cross-platform and platform-independent technology

Dan Roberts is the co-founder of Scout, which provides a smart home security system that can be installed independently. They believe that in the next decade, people will see smart home technology working on multiple platforms at the same time, so that it can be more seamlessly integrated into people's daily lives.
But before that, people will see smart devices that don't need to use smartphone apps or electronic interfaces to control them.
Z-Wave hopes to achieve this through sensors that convert any device (whether old or new) into a smart home compatible device. The Z-Wave representative said that the devices equipped with sensors will be connected to each other and the sensors will integrate the batteries.

Trend 7: Smart Home Wearables

People are already familiar with sensors that monitor sleep habits and step counters, and soon people can use wearable devices to control smart home devices. A company called Titanium Falcon is pre-selling the Talon Smart Ring.
According to the product introduction, it claims to integrate “almost any application or device” from smart TV to tablet. People wearing Talon rings can interact with smart home products with gestures, but the rings also have buttons.
In addition to the specialized wearable devices that control smart home devices, people also expect their own wearable devices to interact with smart home products.
Recently, smart lock company August launched an app that allows people to control smart locks with Apple Watch.
After the soaring housing prices, there is one more added measure of success – what kind of house does this person live in?
Intimate house, will remember your every preference, the future, let technology become our servant!

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