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A sense of security, intelligent visual doorbell potential is considerable


A sense of security, intelligent visual doorbell potential is considerable

In May 2018, a Sydney thief was prepared to burglary and was suddenly scared away by the sound of the owner of the smart doorbell. The police then arrested him based on the high-resolution photos taken by the doorbell. It can be seen that the intelligent video doorbell is like a private guardian, and it is escorted for the safety of the family. In the era of all things, the traditional doorbell with a single function was replaced by an intelligent visual doorbell, which is an inevitable trend.

Don't say sweet words, but can bring a sense of security

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The traditional doorbell is used as the building infrastructure, and the button is installed outside the door. The visitor presses the horn inside the back door to sound a reminder to remind the user that someone is visiting. However, this doorbell can only pass the visitor information and cannot judge the identity of the person. In addition, the traditional doorbell installation steps are cumbersome and difficult to operate, and it is also necessary to regularly check the installed wires to prevent the line from aging and causing safety hazards, which takes a long time. Later, the doorbell is combined with the cat's eye to check the situation of the outside the door, but it needs to be close to the portal to observe with the cat's eye. The viewing angle is relatively small and the viewing range is limited. If there is no one in the house, the thief can still slam the door and lock the security. Guarantee. In addition, CCTV has reported that the cat's eye may become a channel for thieves to burglary. After the thief removes the cat's eye, the murder tool can be extended from the mounting hole into the room to open the door lock, which is not safe.
With the development of high-definition video, the intelligent visual doorbell with solid alloy material not only allows the owner to view the situation outside the door, but also remote control through remote control. For example, when you are not at home, someone will ring the doorbell, and the mobile phone will receive a knock-on message. The homeowner can view the visitor through the mobile phone, talk to the visitor, and control the opening of the door lock. In this way, even if the owner is not at home, the visiting guests can not wait outside the door. Or, when the owner is too busy to open the door, control by the mobile phone, you can open the door without getting up and walking near the door. The intelligent doorbell adopts PIR mobile monitoring technology, which can automatically record the image of the visitor. In the case, the thief's visit has already recorded the portrait information within the scope of monitoring, providing evidence for the police to handle the case. In addition, when someone tries to disassemble or destroy the doorbell, the system will immediately give an alarm. Not only convenient and intelligent, but also safe and practical.

Equipped with AI technology, the potential of the smart doorbell is considerable

In the future, intelligent video doorbells will also handle various emergencies more flexibly and efficiently by continuously learning and adapting to human behavior and language patterns. For example, if you make a special action in front of the door, you can open the door; or when you are forced to open the door, the system will automatically alarm with a special action.
At present, the sales volume of the smart doorbell in the domestic market has grown considerably, and it has also shown a booming trend abroad.
Under the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, China has accelerated the transformation of economic development mode to form a historic convergence, the rapid development of Internet and automation technology, people's demand for quality of life has been continuously improved, the concept of intelligent community has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people, and the demand for smart home products Then the water rose. According to the forecast of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, by 2020, the overall output value of China's smart homes will exceed one trillion yuan, and the potential market size will reach 5.8 trillion yuan. China's smart home will enter the eve of explosive growth. As an indispensable product for home security, the intelligent doorbell has unlimited natural potential.
In April 2018, Strategy Analytics released a research report "Smart Home Surveillance Camera Market Analysis and Forecast", pointing out that 2023 will be the fastest growing segment of the doorbell, with a market size of $1.4 billion. In June 2018, a report published by foreign research institute Technavio showed that the smart doorbell market has a compound annual growth rate of 69%. In addition, as the public hopes to reduce the incidence of theft, the application of night vision technology in the field of smart doorbells has become a new trend in the market.
Conclusion: The public's growing interest in smart homes is one of the key factors driving the growth of the global smart doorbell market. The intelligent doorbell system is a revolutionary advancement for family safety, which can solve the pain points of many users, and the development potential cannot be underestimated. It is true that the smart doorbell system still has some technical problems, such as false alarms during motion monitoring and the risk of being infiltrated by malware. However, the smart doorbell product update speed is fast, and the IoT safety factor is improved. I believe that it will gradually become popular in the future and protect thousands of households.

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