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A1 intelligent remote control, intelligent household appliances remote control center


A1 intelligent remote control, intelligent household appliances remote control center

As home appliances gradually become an indispensable part of our lives, the use of remote controls is increasing. Some home appliances such as televisions and air conditioners use remote controls for a large part of the degree, so they often appear. Wrong and other phenomena. If you create a home appliance remote control that you can use, do you think this is possible? With the continuous development of the electrical industry, in order to satisfy consumers, the emergence of smart remote control is also reasonable. Let me talk about the advantages of BSIMB's new A1 smart remote control.
smart remote control
Intelligent remote control for a new control experience
First of all, the biggest difference between a smart remote control and a normal remote control is that the smart remote control can break the geographical and space constraints. Freely control the use of home appliances anytime, anywhere. The conventional remote controller needs to align the launching device of the remote controller with the receiving device of the home appliance, thereby achieving a control effect. The smart remote control does this through an intermediate device. We control our smart remotes via APP and then send signals from our smart remotes to control our appliances. In essence, the principle between the two is similar. But the smart remote is more convenient and faster. You don't need to go to the remote control, and you don't have to worry about the appliance forgetting.
One-click matching electronic device, easy and fast operation
The operation of the smart remote is very simple, just download the app and pair it to operate. There are still more kinds of functions that are waiting for everyone to explore.
The intelligent remote control not only can control ordinary infrared household appliances, but also has its own learning function to support the learning of 38K code rate signals. The existence of learning functions gives us more room to rise.
360 degree all-round no dead angle signal coverage
A variety of remote control addition methods, more powerful
Intelligent scene control, one-click remote command
The A1 smart remote also has a very user-friendly feature, which is the smart scene. When I was busy for a day, I dragged my tired body back home and saw that the lights were on, and the TV was playing the episode I was chasing. The water is hot, the air conditioner has been turned on, and the microwave oven has a hot meal, how warm it is. This was originally a warm home, and a kind of intimate lover to complete the matter is now completed by the A1 smart remote control. Think about how warm this is. And all this can be done with a single click, this is the intelligent scene mode of the A1 smart remote. Of course, if there are others in the house and the lights are turned on, they will also be displayed in the smart scene.
It can be used with third-party electronic products to achieve AI voice control. Let life no longer be boring.
(eg, Tmall Elf, Miniature, ALEXA, GOOGLE HOME, etc.)
In the usual life, where is the remote control, it is difficult to look back. And there is more than one remote control, and it feels a lot better. Do not say the place, buy more batteries each time. Very troublesome, now with the A1 smart remote control, a mobile phone can remotely control all the appliances, very convenient. Intelligent learning, easy to operate. There is no difficulty in getting started. Isn't your home also lacking such a small household appliance housekeeper?

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