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AI revolution, is approaching.


No one would have thought that the robot evolved so fast under the help of AI.A few years ago, clumsy robots, the roads were not stable, and most of them stayed on the stage for people to observe; however, today, AI robots not only walked off the stand, but even learned to run!




When they ran out of the studio and ran on the uneven grass outdoors, the pace was smooth and smooth, and they were able to move forward at a constant speed and for a long time.


What is even more eye-popping is:

When the AI robot encountered a piece of wood lying on the ground during the running, it jumped without hesitation. At that moment, its reaction was as natural as human beings...


Researchers can't exhaust the simulation of outdoor uncontrollable factors, but when this latest AI robot faces the complex conditions of obstacles such as potholes and dead wood, it is the first time to deal with and deal with it!


An intelligent robot that can make self-issuing decisions through its own perception is terrible!


Do you think this is over?


In addition to running, the Boston Power Robot can easily complete a series of difficult moves such as spin, jump, and back flip! Even when it finishes the action, it is more stable than professional gymnasts!


If you can put a layer of human skin on the Boston Dynamic Robot, he is a real human!


We have never had such a strong panic about AI robots as we have today, and some people even pessimistically say that AI robots will evolve like this or become the last product created by humans!


Today, whether it is scientific research, clothing, food and shelter, AI has penetrated into the corners of life. Once the AI robot awakens, the world will undoubtedly undergo a subversive change.


At that time, human beings may be in danger...


The time left for AI to be human is really not much!


The last time, the Boston Power Robot sensationalized the world's robot dogs, this time, its evolution is very huge!

Last year, Boston Power Robots, the speed of running alone, shocked humans, and when the robot dog completed his own move, it made the researchers stunned.


The AI revolution has come on the way. More and more fields, artificial intelligence is rapidly eliminating humans!

On May 8th, with the advent of Google Assistant, operators, customer service, and telemarketers became precarious...


Mayor of Robot: Japan's Tama is electing the next mayor, and the robot "Matsuhito" is one of the candidates. (She has her own Twitter account)


When it campaigned, it said: robots have no emotions, desires, government affairs will not be emotional, no bribes, no rest, can store and digest large amounts of data, save office...


Civil servant robot: New Zealand “Sam” (robot civil servant) can answer public questions through Facebook. It has unlimited memory storage, never forgets or ignores everyone's problems, and makes decisions absolutely fair and just.

Construction robot: The robot Hadrian X can build 1000 bricks in 60 minutes, and it can grind and cut bricks in the process, and work 24*7 every week. Within two days, you can build a house!




Financial Robot: Deloitte Property Robot, a top 15 person, works 24*7 per week. With 360,000 hours of manpower work, the financial robot can be completed in a matter of seconds!


Art, as the last position of the crystallization of human wisdom, was also broken: the Italian robot played the piano live, and Lang Lang exclaimed after listening: "The robot Teo speed surpasses humans and the rhythm is accurate!"

Sex robots: Last year, European brothels rushed to buy sex robots. The Pearson research report sounds: By 2050, robots will replace human sex!


The Oxford University research team even wants robots to conceive and have children! They cultivate robots with human tissues and organs and try to make them robotic.


Stanford Professor Kaplan Statistics:

In the 720 occupations registered in the United States, 47% will be replaced by artificial intelligence; those countries with low-end technology and physical work may exceed 70%!


Human beings tremble, this is by no means an alarmist. The fourth industrial revolution represented by AI robots has blown the horn.


Tesla founder Elon Musk has repeatedly publicly appealed that artificial intelligence is too terrible, and humans must immediately strengthen supervision of artificial intelligence technology.


When Musk saw the Boston robot, he was even more worried: "We will be finished soon. The robot in front of us will develop for a few more years. Its speed will take time to see it with a flash. Let's dream."


Perhaps, you can't feel this panic deeply, and make a vivid metaphor:

Now, the AI robot is like a high-speed rail that is running on the track. Although we are waiting at the platform, there is already a hunch that it will rush.


However, when the AI robot is rapidly evolving in a thousand miles, when it rushes across the platform, humans can't see it even after it, and then they can't catch up!


Musk insisted on this devastating technology: "Humans must be extremely vigilant about artificial intelligence, they are more dangerous than nuclear weapons!"




Hawking repeatedly warned humans before his death: "The evolution of robots is faster than human imagination, and their ultimate goal will be unpredictable. I am really afraid that artificial intelligence will replace human beings and become new species!"


Today, waiters, operators, couriers, go players, translators, doctors, securities officers... humans can only watch the work being occupied by robots, waiting for humans, or it will be an unprecedented unemployment tide!


Therefore, human beings must fear AI, we must remain fearful in the face of new technology!

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