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Smart cat's eye, visual doorbell, led us into the era of intelligent household security


Intelligentization has penetrated into every aspect of people's lives, and our lives are striding towards the smart age:

1. Get up in the morning:

Smart home: With soothing music, the curtains rise slowly and automatically adjust to the comfort of the morning. While you are washing, the smart speaker will tell you the weather and pollution index and the degree of congestion today.

2, go out to work:

Smart home: intelligently monitor all the situations in the home, encounter gas leaks, fires, theft, the mobile phone receives the alarm notification at the first time; remotely monitor the camera, open the mobile phone to check the situation of the elderly and children at home; regularly set the point and automatically feed the pet; It can also automatically close the windows in the house automatically when it rains!

3. Friends visited:

Smart home: Open a door for a friend remotely, burn a pot of hot water, turn on the TV, and call the guests if you are not at home.

4, go home from work:

Smart home: When leaving the company, remotely control the water heater and air conditioner in the home one button in advance, and take a bath after arriving home. The intelligent lighting control system also switches to dinner mode, allowing you to enjoy the service of a star hotel at home.

5, sleep at night:

Smart Home: Switch to the “sleep” scene with one button, the TV is off, the light is off, the protection mode is turned on and the air conditioning temperature is automatically adjusted to ensure that you sleep until dawn!


smart home

After reading this, do you feel good about smart homes?

With the advent of the intelligent age, smart home has become a hot topic. Smart cat eyes and video doorbells will replace traditional doorbell products and usher in new attention:

1, automatic camera function: smart cat eye, video doorbell increase PIR human body sensing function, that is, when someone stays outside the door for a long time, the cat's eye camera will automatically take pictures and store and call, can effectively prevent some criminals from stepping on the front door, play The function of housekeeping;

2, low cost, low power consumption: in line with the low-carbon life of the green smart life concept, users can easily access the home smart home network system;

3, real-time monitoring function: no wiring restrictions, you can remotely monitor through the mobile phone APP;

4, visual intercom function: When someone clicks the cat's eye call button, our indoor display or mobile APP can view and intercom;

Smart cat eyes, video doorbells, and smart fingerprint lock systems are revolutionary advances for home security that will change the face of home security and make many things easier, allowing us to increase security and stay away from things like theft. Of course, many other device technologies in smart home systems are still evolving.

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