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Smart Home Science:Smart Video Doorbell

Cat eyes are very familiar to us. When we were young, we knew about the situation outside the door from the cat's eyes. Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards and the development of technology, cat eyes have become intelligent and become smart home products. a member. The latest wireless communication technology, multimedia technology and security technology are integrated into the cat's eye products, which makes it easier to observe outdoor situations, and can remotely monitor the outdoor situation through mobile phones, including visitors, and even thieves visit.
The visual doorbell is a combination of "cat eyes" and "doorbells". Compared with the traditional cat's eye, the visual doorbell retains the original function and is an upgrade. As a smart security expert, what are the practical and safe functions?
Smart Home Science:Smart Video Doorbell
What are the practical and safe features?
1. photo archive function:
When there is a visitor and the indoor owner is absent, the photo will be automatically saved. After the owner returns, he can freely inquire and not miss an important meeting; when the owner is at home, he can take a photo manually. The most important thing is that someone will press the doorbell or stay at the door for a long time to trigger an alarm, and the alarm picture/video will be automatically pushed to the mobile client.
2. Remote monitoring function:
The video doorbell can remotely monitor the outdoor situation in real time on the mobile phone. Even if no one rings the doorbell, the indoor owner can monitor the outdoor situation in real time.
3. tamper alarm function:
If someone knocks on the door machine, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit will give an alarm.
Smart Home Science: Smart Video Doorbell
4. infrared night vision function:
Infrared camera, even in the dark night, you can see everything outside. At the same time, the built-in acceleration sensor automatically broadcasts the weather forecast and makes corresponding smart reminders when going out.
The visual doorbell meets the needs of people of any age in the family, and the elderly and children no longer have to worry about being invisible or invisible.

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