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2018 most popular 6 smart home products


Although the concept of smart home has been popular for many years, although the popularity of large-scale is long, many smart home items have already had quite high sales.


First, the smart speaker

In recent years, smart speakers have become the star products of the smart home industry. First, Amazon and Google dominated the competition. Then, Jingdong, Tmall, and Xiaomi launched new products in China, and finally even triggered a "hundred box battle."


Second, smart door lock

Compared with other smart homes, smart door locks may be the most demanding products. After all, safety is the biggest need for family life, and smart door locks are the first line of defense for family safety. When the criminals are violently shackled, the door lock will automatically send out an alarm message.

The intelligent door lock solves the problem that many users are troubled. With it, the user is not worried about forgetting to bring the key, and can be easily unlocked by fingerprint and password. When the relative visits and is still on the road, there is no need to bother, and the temporary password can be generated remotely. Expired expired; can also check the entry and exit records in real time, care for family members, and avoid danger.


Third, the smart doorbell

The smart doorbell can be remotely controlled through terminals such as mobile phones and computers, and the home situation can be viewed 360 degrees. Have a smart doorbell. You can always know who the visitor is, talk to the visitor in both directions, and use it for theft.


smart doorbell


Fourth, sweeping robot

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of science and technology, the simple operation of sweeping the floor but taking too much time is considered as “meaningless labor”, and the sweeping robot has become a must-have product for many families.


Five, intelligent gateway

Smart gateway is also one of the highest-selling smart home items. Users can control all kinds of smart devices in their homes. It is only the selling of smart gateways. It is somewhat helpless for consumers: because of the inconsistency of industry standards, different brands Smart home products are not compatible with each other, and it is only necessary to implement integrated control through the gateway.


Six, smart light bulb

Nowadays, people's demand for light bulbs is no longer just lighting, but more often to create a special atmosphere. In this context, smart bulbs came into being. The smart light bulb adopts embedded Internet of Things technology, which can adjust the brightness and color tone according to your preference, so that a home has a variety of "taste", and even can simulate the light effects such as dusk, sunrise, etc. It can also be remotely switched, and it is satisfied with countless The needs of lazy cancer patients.

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