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What can a smart speaker do?


The popularity of AI makes technology closer to users and adds more fun to life. Smart speakers are important hardware products in the development of AI. They can not only play music and more audio content, but also provide intelligent services for our lives.


Behind the smart speaker is the rapid development of intelligent speech recognition and machine learning technology. These two technologies, one makes the speaker "audible, can be said", one makes the speaker "understand".


Speech recognition solves the problem of "what is what the owner says?" What machine learning solves is the question "what does the owner say, how should I respond?" Through the “eat in” large amount of data, the intelligent speaker gradually learns to map the user instructions and the corresponding operations one by one. Say "Play News" to open the news client and say "play music" to open the music player. With the continuous interaction with the users, the intelligent speakers can continue to evolve and realize “Thousands of People”, and can set and recommend content according to each person's preferences.


Smart speakers can also become the "command" of smart homes. Through voiceprint recognition technology, smart speakers can “know” the owner. The master only needs to give orders to the smart speakers. Without reaching out or leaving the room, they can remotely control the doors, windows, lights, air conditioners or water heaters located in the home.


At present, the user experience of most smart speaker products on the market has a lot of room for improvement, and it is not enough "smart" in terms of voice interaction and semantic understanding. This is also the focus of many manufacturers at this stage.


Smart speakers are just a form, in fact, voice interaction is the core breakthrough. "In fact, there are many ways to promote product landing. Smart speakers are just one of them. It is also possible to combine voice interaction with other forms," said the person in charge of Ali Artificial Intelligence Lab.


Regardless of the form, serving human life is the most fundamental purpose. "The continuous development of artificial intelligence technology will continue to reshape all walks of life and change our lives." Vice President of Microsoft Research Asia has summarized this "remodeling" into three aspects: promoting the industry to intelligent transformation, triggering Business innovation, make people's lives better.

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