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T5/T50 AI Voice Translator

With the popularization of artificial intelligence, more and more products have applied the advanced technology of artificial intelligence, which is not only an important reform for the industry, but also a great help for our life. In terms of traveling abroad, we used to travel abroad. If we don’t speak the local language, we can only look at the scenery, and we may order food and accommodation will become a problem. Nowadays, we only need to carry a smart translation machine with us to travel abroad, and we can achieve instant accessibility.
Our latest T5 intelligent voice translator is not only small and portable, but also the most important feature is to support online translation of 41/45 languages. Learning a foreign language doesn't matter. Technology can help you make up for your shortcomings and give you a better face-to-face communication experience.
The operation of this intelligent voice translator is also very simple. We only need to boot, connect to WiFi, and set the input and output language. Press the A button to say what you want to say, you can translate it to the other party. The other party only needs to press the B button to say what they want to say, and they can translate it to us. Not only can you listen, but it can also be displayed in the form of text. Is it very convenient?
Voice Translator
We use a variety of translation engines, and the system comes with learning functions to ensure the accuracy of translation. At the same time, we also guarantee the speed of translation, real-time translation in just 0.2s.
Selling Points:
1.Elegant mignon design, private tooling with patent
2.High-accuracy voice recognition and fast-response translation
3.Mutual translation immediately,communication  in real time
4.Support 41 Languages Simultaneous Translation(45 languages for option)
5.Touch screen operation with IPS viewing
6.WIFI and 4G for option
7.Suppport recording translation, BT connection to your BT earphone, offline translation

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