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10 mobile photography tips, teach you to take good-looking photos with your mobile phone


As mobile phone cameras become more powerful, many people are beginning to focus on taking photos with their mobile phones. I will tell you about the techniques of mobile photography today and hope to help everyone.


First, try to be close to the subject when shooting

The lens of the mobile phone is a fixed focus head. It does not support zooming. Although many mobile phone manufacturers say that their mobile phones support zooming, the effect of shooting after zooming is very poor.

At present, the camera focal length of most mobile phones on the market is between 26mm and 35mm. Like the Apple mobile phone, its camera equivalent focal length is 28mm; while the 28mm focal length of the mobile phone camera is very close to the camera's 35mm focal length.

So when you use your mobile phone to take pictures, try to get close to the object, but it doesn't mean that you are close to the camera, but as close as possible to the focus of the lens, so that the photos will be clearer. Remember to never use the mobile phone to zoom in on the scene, and the quality of the photos taken is very slag.


Second, select the prime time to shoot

Whether you are shooting with a camera or with a mobile phone, choosing a prime time shot can do more with less. Generally speaking, the golden shooting time refers to: morning and dusk. At this time, the light is soft and the sky is rich in color, which gives you a greater chance to take good pictures.

This is not to say that no photo can be taken at noon. The light is strong at noon. You can use this feature to take some photos with strong contrast of light. It is easier to take good pictures in the morning and dusk.


Third, use the window light

It’s no longer a secret to take pictures at the window. The light on the window is good, and the light is diffused because of the window. In this bright, soft light, it is especially suitable for small and fresh works. If you can use the glass of the window to produce a projection, then it is best.


Fourth, learn to leave white

Many people think that "white space" is to leave a large area of ​​white. In fact, the "white space" in photography refers to the space outside the main body. When you take photos with your mobile phone, you should pay more attention to white space. This will make the picture simple and the main body stand out. For example, if the subject being photographed is very rich in color, then you should choose a solid background or a clean, simple background to highlight the subject.

For example, the photo below shows a large blue sky, and the character becomes the most eye-catching place in the picture.


Fifth, use the front lens

In addition to self-timer, most people take pictures with a rear camera. In fact, when shooting certain scenes, they can be shot with the front camera. For example: shooting a building indoors, if you want to show the magnificent design inside the building, then you may have to lie on the ground to shoot. But if you turn on the front camera, you can shoot while sitting.


Sixth, shooting in black and white

Many people take black-and-white photos in color first, then use the post-repair tool to turn the photos into black and white. In fact, you don't have to be so troublesome. Nowadays, many mobile phones have a "black and white mode" in the camera mode. You can shoot this mode directly.


Seven, found the other side of the shutter

Although the phone's camera can't adjust the shutter speed like a SLR camera, you can play a lot of good tricks. For example, when you take a photo and move the phone smoothly, you can take a very dynamic photo.

In addition, you can also take long exposure photos with your phone. Open the "live" of the iPhone and you can shoot it by looking for a good angle. It should be noted that the phone must be kept still, release the shutter after about 2 seconds, and then keep the phone still for 2 seconds or so.


Eight, learn the nine-square lattice

I often tell you about the nine-square grid, but you still can't use the nine-square grid. In fact, many mobile phone cameras now have built-in nine-square grid auxiliary lines. When you take a picture, you can call up the auxiliary lines to help you compose the picture.

Find "Camera" in the phone settings and let the "Grid" function turn on:

Grid function is on

Mobile phone


Nine, learn to use filters

Now the camera of the mobile phone has a lot of filters, which you can use directly when shooting. These filters can help you take amazing photos without having to add filters later.

First, the photo mode is adjusted to the nine-square grid mode to find the appropriate frame composition.

Next, turn on the flash and turn off HDR.

Then, the filter is adjusted to the "Contrast Color" effect.

Finally, press the shutter and wait for the big piece to come out.


Ten, open HDR

First of all, what is HDR? HDR, High-Dynamic Range, which is a high dynamic range, when the brightest and darkest parts of an object differ greatly. When HDR is turned on, it will take three photos in a row, corresponding to underexposure, normal exposure, and overexposure, then combine the three images together and highlight the best part of each photo to create a subtle photo.

Silhouette effect:

In addition to the above HDR function to get a normal exposure of the photo, you can also use the characteristics of the phone exposure to shoot some high-contrast photos. For example, the photo below takes advantage of the wide-ranging characteristics of the mobile phone and the black-and-white color processing method to create a silhouette effect. I believe that the black and white silhouette effect in this scene is stronger than the visual impact of the color with high dynamic contrast.


After learning new shooting techniques, I will take some new photos and share them on our digital photo frame.

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