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The mobile phone industry is facing an innovation bottleneck. Can smart wearable devices, which are developing well, become a substitute for smart phones?


The release of the first generation of Apple Watch led the trend of smart wearable devices and opened up a vast market. In recent years, the sales of smart wearable devices have been rising, and the categories are becoming more and more abundant, from health monitoring, social entertainment, to virtual reality. With the advent of the 5G era and the application of the Internet of Things, the application scenarios of these smart wearable devices will become wider and wider, so can they replace the status of smart phones in the future?


Smart wearable devices stand out in the future Can you replace mobile phones in the future?


The birth of smart phones has revolutionized the lives of countless electronic products, such as MP3, MP4, card cameras, handheld game consoles, etc., but it will come back sooner or later. Although the mobile phone market is still hot, the development of the entire smart phone industry has already touched the ceiling, and it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be replaced by more advanced smart devices.


International equipment maker Ericsson released the latest consumer research report on June 24, saying that smartphones will gradually become simple communication tools in the next five years, and wearable devices are expected to replace most of the functions provided by smartphones. The report shows that consumers are more and more closely related to wearable devices, 67% of users will use wearable devices during exercise, and the proportion of users used in travel, work and study, shopping is 55%, 49%, 48%. It is concluded that wearable devices will continue to grow and hopefully penetrate other areas.


Why would anyone think that wearable devices will replace mobile phones? Take the current smart watch as an example, it can pull a lot of functions out of the phone and provide users with a faster way. Users no longer need to pull out the phone from their pockets, light up the screen, just lift your wrist to view time, sports information, messages sent by WeChat friends, some high-end products can monitor heart rate, take pictures or record video, this convenience It is the biggest advantage compared to mobile phones.


On the other hand, today's smartphones are all exploring the real full screen, and after achieving 100% screen share, the flexible screen mobile phone that can be bent at will will become the next form of smartphone. And its final form, perhaps the direction of the wearable device. A previously exposed patent from Samsung shows that Samsung has realized the importance of wearable smart devices in the future.


At present, VR/AR helmets, smart watches and health bracelets have only opened the prelude to the era of wearable devices. They have not yet had enough strength to completely replace smartphones. The problem that the wearable application ecosystem is difficult to unify, the product homogenization problem is prominent, and the user privacy security is the bottleneck restricting the development of the smart wearable device industry.


With the maturity of artificial intelligence, VR, AR, 5G, and Internet of Things technologies, smart wearable devices will likely become the backbone of other terminals, and extend more usage scenarios, such as medical, financial payment, identity authentication, and even The industrial sector plays an important role.


In addition, whether it is a helmet or a watch or a bracelet, it may not be the final form of future wearable devices. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, product development may break through existing bottlenecks and enter a new cognitive field. To form a product form that is more in line with people's needs.


Nowadays, the probability of subversive innovation in the slow and growing smartphone market is becoming more and more ambiguous. As smart wearable devices develop in a vertical and specialized direction and develop a more complete ecosystem, their roles may indeed be from mobile phones. The accessories are replaced by alternatives.

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