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Now and in the future, the development trend of the smart home industry in 2019 is big

Since 2000, the smart home industry in the past 20 years has participated in different roles every year. Many of them have extremely vivid faces, mainly focusing on the three control logics of perception, judgment and action. Over the years, all camps in the industry chain have been striving to achieve centralized control of multi-device interconnection. At present, the roles in the industry chain are complete, and chips, solutions, products, integrated installations, and cloud are all available. Clear. Therefore, at present, the vertical stage of the entire smart home industry chain has been completed, and the current control of the whole has also represented the generation of historical connection points. The ever-changing intelligent historical law has pushed smart homes to the new era of IoT based on AI technology.
In the 2018 smart home, all participating camps are competing in the core strength of Liangjian. The year is close. What are the benefits for you as a equipment manufacturer, integrator and platform vendor? What will we face again in 2019? Why should we pay attention to the trend of 2019, because as a rising sunrise industry, we must avoid becoming a martyr of smart homes and find new positions in the constant turmoil.
This article takes you through the 2018 smart home industry ecology, and judges the 2019 smart home trend. If you read this article in depth, you will definitely get a lot of feelings and inspiration.
Now and in the future, the development trend of the smart home industry in 2019 is big
The first year of commercialization of the whole house intelligence
"Full House Intelligence" is the annual hot word of 2018 smart home, because smart home is a derivative of home environment, residential is the carrier of smart equipment, real estate is the carrier of residential, "housewide intelligence" main special pointer to real estate project The whole-class smart home solution, this package of smart home solutions first emerged in the wireless full house system manufacturers. With the outbreak of smart real estate demand and the promotion of the hardcover full-load market, the whole house intelligence has begun to land massive projects. After the equipment enters thousands of households, what kind of waves will be stirred up, and where the business breakthrough will go, everyone is crossing the river by feeling the stones and gaining great attention from outside the industry.
Scene matrix under large intersection
The intersection of smart homes is spreading, and more and more equipment companies are creating more intersections with Internet platform parties, real estate developers, operators, decoration, building materials, and hotels. These new connections have common attributes - around People's lives, around human life services, through intelligent hardware and software to build a new way of life, this is the mission of smart home, but also the root of the current intersection.
Many intersections of chemical reactions have produced more cloud-based online and offline services. This is a phased outcome, and it also indicates the future of diversified interaction. Intelligent services are passing through different intersections and through different The scene mode is packaged to serve the user, and the scenes that have been fragmented are constructed into a wide variety of scene matrices through different life latitude spaces.
Smart home enters the new "big home integration era", which will break through the information islands of intelligent points. With product integration and channel integration, the entire intelligent hardware device will carry information exchange, consumer services, and life. Many scenes are organically integrated. When the concept of smart home is like flesh and blood, it will be merged into a “complete person” when it is integrated into the veins of the bones. When the smart home is integrated, it will become an inseparable part of the life industry.
Full bloom of platform penetration
Internet giants such as Alibaba, Baidu built IaaS, PaaS platform, intermediate solution providers such as elegant, graffiti-built SaaS platform, the interconnection platform built by the three major operators, mobile phone companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo built ecological chain platform Etc., all are using the platform capabilities to absorb the surrounding third-party hardware to build ecological barriers. Whether it is through the core level of interactive hardware, absorbing the hardware chain of the hardware chain, or absorbing third-party equipment through the communication terminal, or constructing ecological barriers through e-commerce channels or AI, it is a resource for the smart home industry chain. Integration.
Massive enterprises in smart homes are breaking the barriers of interconnection by means of the power of the platform, but the breakthrough of such barriers is still partial. The current ecological construction links have made some progress compared with the era of single-handed fighting, achieving more Equipment interconnection, scene construction and experience enhancement, the future will be a win-win cooperation between platform levels, building a true era of smart home connectivity.
Business breakthrough: from controlling demand to operational thinking
The demand for intelligent projects such as smart real estate, smart communities, smart hotels, and smart offices is prominent, but unlike previous years, the ultimate goal of smart home projects has risen from controlling demand to operational thinking.
We use smart real estate as an example. A few years ago, real estate was in the era of self-appreciation premium. Real estate developers did not pay attention to the latitude of smart home. From 2018, real estate developers began to pay attention to the value added by intelligent property to the house. The effect, began to transform its role from the developer to the life operator, the purpose is to create a more relationship between each owner's clothing, food, housing and housing business, that is, real estate guides smart homes into the front-loading houses of thousands of households In the beginning, we also talked about “the whole house intelligence”. The ultimate goal is to use equipment to combine the community and surrounding business operators to become the operator of the lifestyle and life service.
From the early monotonous O2O to the current smart Habitat and smart community, real estate developers have been making breakthrough attempts around intelligence to meet the needs of the smart era. We also explained in the “Full House Intelligence” that the house is the carrier of the smart home equipment, and the carrier of the house is the real estate. The real estate developer has the ability and ability to seamlessly open the smart house and the smart community while opening the property. The user's User ID is unified, and it has the opportunity to become the core role of the intelligent era. Especially for the comprehensive development of the stock and property market, real estate developers will meet the demand through resource integration to achieve intelligent landing.
Starting from the whole house field, injecting standard integration of community scenes, office scenes and hotel scenes, creating a new smart home business model, extending the centralized control of control to a wider range of fields, and increasing the number of devices connected New thinking in operations.
Now and in the future, the development trend of the smart home industry in 2019 is big
The new "core" in the IoT era
China's artificial intelligence core and chips in the field of Internet of Things are gradually catching up with European and American countries. With the full-scale explosion of smart home hardware, it is bound to be anti-nursing innovation, and the market size in the smart home category cannot be underestimated.
Sensing burst
In the past two years, we have been focusing our eyes on the top-level application layer. In the bottom layer sensing aspect, smart homes have been subdivided into small categories. Smart is inseparable from sensing technology. Different smart home systems require different sensing data support. AI deep learning requires the collection of sensors in the Internet of Things. It is no longer a problem to realize single sensing in a single device. The future will be a multi-intelligence intelligent interaction combination.
The sensor transmits the processed data to the intelligent terminal by connecting to the cloud platform and the local area network, so that each subsystem makes adjustments to adapt to the environment. Smart home sensors are moving forward with the trend of miniaturization, intelligence, multi-function, and networking. In the future, sensing exists in intelligence, and the whole house intelligence will exist like air. It is natural like breathing. Users can feel the convenient experience brought by smart home without knowing it.
AI (speech recognition + face recognition) + edge calculation
AI is more powerful. It has entered the era of strong artificial intelligence from the era of weak artificial intelligence. The technical iteration in the next few years will be based on the upgrade of existing technologies. The AI ​​and big data sectors will build a technical foundation.
The characteristics of smart homes need to be armed by AI. AI will become the technical foundation for building a smart home ecological connection, and also a catalyst for the new business model, which will open up control connections and data connections and catalyze new business models. With the influx of AI into smart homes, voice-based control has been fully erupted. In the next few years, it will focus on the application of visual recognition to achieve a comprehensive "voice control" + "face" experience.
Traditional smart home enterprises, driven by new technologies such as AI, will evolve from controlling roles to platforms and media, and integrating consumer services into homes. At the same time, edge computing makes local control more smooth. With the help of AI, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the new model of “cloud + edge + end” will be accepted by enterprises.
Next generation core level interactive hardware
In the family category, we are always looking for the next-generation interactive product of “mobile phone”, an extremely high-frequency interactive hardware that was originally placed on the smart speaker. Now it is a smart speaker with a screen, especially the Internet giants at home and abroad. Driven by the PK in the form of this voice speaker for the past two years. When the smart speaker is equipped with the screen, the user uses the voice control device, and the interface will have feedback, and the experience will be more humanized.
New interactive products For Internet companies, the value of products beyond the hardware of the products itself will become the carrier of value and data in the new era. The giant enterprises in the IoT era must be data companies.
Single product
For example, the outbreak of smart speakers and smart locks has given smart home enterprises a hope, and they have been confused for many years.
The outbreak of single products has not yet ended. After the outbreak of multiple products, the functions will gradually improve, and the demand and quantity of users will surge, which will feed back the system-level full-house market, which may trigger a full-scale outbreak in the field of smart houses. For example, smart locks will enter the era of thousands of dollars, more intimate, while meeting the appeals of different groups of people, but also let the smart home truly return to the truth.
Smart single micro system set
The value of the Microsystems suite is highlighted, such as voice-based gadgets, HomeKit-based kits, sensor-based kits, audio-based kits, panel-based kits, security-based kits, door lock-based kits, and more. In the exit of the retail terminal, the smart home will be fully C-side, and the suit is also a mature product.
Since the second half of last year, almost every brand has been doing package sales. The essence of package sales is the so-called small scene connection, which can connect effective pain scenes through a tiny system. In fact, like a smart lock, smart washing machine and other items, the logic behind it is also a small system with distributed scene properties.
The value of smart products goes beyond
Products will become the carrier of value transfer, beyond the price itself. The more core-level interactive products, the more value and data they carry, and the trend can be seen from the more popular smart speakers.
Now and in the future, the development trend of the smart home industry in 2019 is big
Blind connective death
Enterprises connect around the scene, not connected for connectivity. Enterprises that have no purpose to connect will continue to die and be eliminated by history.
The opportunity of distributed voice panel
In particular, the intelligent panel with wide distribution, high frequency use, convenient control and beautiful installation has become the best entrance and interactive terminal for realizing intelligent control of the home. The wall type 86 and top-mounted intelligent voice panel will be wall mounted and top. Mini-smart speakers installed for the next round of entry-level competition.
The rise of screen devices
At present, with the excess screen of the mobile phone, the cost of the screen is reduced, which will drive the cost-effectiveness of the screen-type scene panel, the screen-type speaker and the like, and a large number of smart home devices with screens will be born.
The battle for wireless protocols is filled with smoke
For domestic smart homes, Zigbee is still a brother of wireless control protocols, and with the iteration of Bluetooth Mesh in low-power networking, next year may cause a small burst, which may have a certain status for Zigbee. Touch. The commercialization of high-speed network 5G will also have a great impact on the overall product form and control experience of smart homes.
Low-power narrowband protocols such as Lora and NB-IoT have also been developed into more subsystems of smart homes. We will see large-scale enterprises try commercialization of such wireless protocol products.
Window period of C-side speech
Through the driving of smart speakers in the past two years, our C-end clearly felt the turmoil of the intelligent voice camp. Especially after Internet companies entered the smart home hardware through voice technology, they clearly broke the voice ecological balance based on the traditional B-end field. In the ranking battle for C-side intelligent voice, there will be a window of 2-3 years.
Router's cloud gateway road
We have always locked the gateway into a separate form of low-power protocol. The traditional gateway is directly connected to the router, and the enterprise in the router market wants to realize the gateway revolutionary path of the router by integrating Bluetooth Mesh and other forms, so that users can buy the route as the gateway. It has become another family-level device in a new form, which is a good model for both operators and routers.
Data value
Smart homes carry the security and the future, the technology companies must win with data, and the smart homes carry the massive data of users, which will be a new starting point for the future giants.
The next focus of ecology is service
The Internet of Things era will also promote a new sales platform through services, from service counter-attack retail, is stimulating the business model from platform attributes to product brands, will be different from Ali, Jingdong, Suning, Gome sales model, born a new The retail giant will fully open a new era of intelligence.
The core of the service chain is not necessarily submitted to SI
Smart home integrator SI is one of the oldest squares and an important part of the industry chain that cannot be ignored. It has been growing in the focus of finding good products, solving sales difficulties and overcoming growth bottlenecks.
At present, the smart home integrator SI's camp division includes integrators of the top customer base of the service pyramid, integrators who tear the market through the C-end retail channel, strength integrators following the project, integrators under the big platform, and original services. A group of service providers with channel upgrades and more new integrators, which constitute the 100% process of traditional smart home sales, design, installation and service, but will face more competition from new forces in the future.
Intelligent service is the same as traditional custom furniture service. The competition is to understand the habits of end users. The whole house customization service provider, operator service team and home appliance service team will fully enter the service scope of traditional smart home SI. In the future channel cooperation process, the whole house custom enterprise may become a very good partner of smart home.
Internet-based real estate + whole house intelligence
Real estate is a pure land that has not been reformed by Internet companies, but it is not necessarily a pure land. The smart home ecological platform built by Internet companies will need to find real estate channels to land, so it is only a matter of time before the property is involved, and it will drive the comprehensive coverage of the whole house.

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