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Several advantages of the T6 intelligent translator

First, online support 41 languages ​​translation
Most translation machines currently on the market have a problem of a small number of translation languages ​​that are not convenient to carry.
Translation language: 41 kinds
Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Cantonese), English (Australia), English (United States), English (India), English (UK), Japanese, Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (International), Arabic Language (Saudi Arabia), Polish, Danish, German, Russian, French (France), French (Canada), Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Catalan, Czech, Romanian, Croatian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Portuguese), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Spain), Hungarian, Italian, Hindi, Indonesian (Indonesia), Vietnamese
System language: 10 kinds
Japanese, Chinese, German, English, Western, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean
T6 intelligent voice translator
The large rounded design is more user-friendly. There are many kinds of languages, recognition is fast, and translation is more accurate! Support online upgrade
Second, scene recognition
Multiple translation engines are used to identify different scene conversations, and the corresponding translation results can be provided according to the local language environment, without worrying about inaccurate translation.
High-precision speech recognition and fast response translation, the speaker has a high decibel rate, and automatically filters the ambient sound even if the surrounding noise is large, it is not afraid to hear.
Third, the details show
Stylish and slim, a variety of choices, natural, delicate and delicate, more compact than a mobile phone, no matter where you put it.
Large screen display
2.4-inch large screen display, let foreign communication not only blind listening! Speech recognition and translation content are audible, and the so-called "ear hearing is a false vision." High-definition touch screen, ergonomic function buttons, no cumbersome UI interface!
High fidelity speaker
Produce a live dialogue-like sound through a high-fidelity speaker broadcast on a loud venue. Easily cope with outdoor, convention, party and other noisy occasions.
Continuous translation, long standby
Charging time 1.5 hours, use time 4-5 hours, standby time 130 hours
Whether you are studying at home or traveling, a smart translator brings you more than just an intuitive retelling. Let our life be better and give our own strength.

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