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Introduction of digital photo frame and its use

(1) Digital photo frame is a new type of photo frame that can directly display digital photos without printing them out.
 digital photo frame
(2) It adopts the outer frame (appearance) shape of the traditional ordinary photo frame, and replaces the middle photo part of the traditional ordinary photo frame with the liquid crystal display, and is equipped with a power source, a storage medium and the like, and can directly display (play) the digital photo, and at the same time, You can cycle through (play) different photos in the same photo frame, providing a better photo display platform and space for people who are increasingly digital photos and favorite photos.
(3) The appearance of the digital photo frame is the same as that of the traditional ordinary photo frame. However, unlike the traditional ordinary photo frame, the digital photo frame does not need to be printed out and then displayed in the photo frame, but directly inserted into the camera's memory card or directly digitally. The photo is copied to the digital photo frame's memory and can be displayed in the photo frame right away, and it can store and display (play) hundreds or even thousands of photos.
(4) The above three points are introduced to the single-function digital photo frame (that is, only for digital photo display). In addition, there is a multi-function digital photo frame, which can play MP3/MP4/slide pictures in addition to digital photos. , movies / video / TV, you can also read e-books, set alarm clocks and calendars, and even download photos, browse the web, etc.; different types of electronic photo frames can be more choices for people with different needs.
The digital photo frame is a fashionable consumer electronics product and a must-have accessory for the family. Inheriting the digital fashion and the warmth of the photo frame, it is very versatile. For example, it can be used as business gifts, holiday gifts, souvenirs, exhibitions, welfare prizes, modern furniture, wedding photography, car, digital photographic equipment, portable personal accessories, etc. With the popularity of digital photo frames, there will be more and more interesting creative applications, bringing endless fun to our plain life.
Can be used as a beautiful art frame and photo frame, can be placed on the counter table, can also be used as a mural on the wall, and can also be used as a dynamic and static advertising machine. Suitable for families, all kinds of elegant places such as shopping malls, hotels, hotels, Leisure center, bar, cafe, corridor, etc.
· No need to use computer, no need to rinse and print, digital photos can be stored in digital photo frame
·Easy to use, remove the memory card directly from the digital camera and insert it into the digital photo frame to browse.
·Digital photo frame can not only play pictures, but also play pictures while watching MP3, enjoy movies, etc.
Many happy lovers and their loved ones walk into the newlyweds, wedding dresses, rings, churches, flowers, cakes, wine, ribbons, smiles, tears of movement, listening to the wedding march for themselves, all of this They all condense into the happiest moment of their lives. When you walk into the church together, when he wears a diamond ring for you, when you kiss deeply, when the flowers bloom, the smiles when the little golden bull is born, I believe no one wants to forget the wonderful moment of the scene, so the photo Become a record of love. But can you think that this photo can make your wedding reappear? Let the digital photo frame give you a "good looking".
A normal photo frame can only hold one photo, and some can be placed on both sides. For a woman who just got married, the traditional photo frame can hold too few photos. Usually just married people will wash more than ten seven-inch wedding photos, but they can't put them into a photo frame at the same time. However, it is different now. There is a kind of thing called "digital photo frame". Originally, a photo frame can only put one photo, at most two before and after, and the digital photo frame is relatively new, and the price is not much more expensive than the traditional photo frame. It is more suitable for newly-married families who need to add a new atmosphere to the wedding home decor

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