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Want to buy digital photo frame? Still need to consider from these aspects

With the passage of time, the children in the family have gradually grown up, and as parents, we began to love to take out the old photos of the children and began to look at them, but due to the loss of photos, or the emergence of problems such as yellowing, Make memories begin to fade slowly. Although the development of technology has enhanced the ability to store photos, but still can not read the photos flexibly, then we can consider to buy a digital photo frame.
For the dazzling array of digital photo frames, it really forced us to choose difficult. Faced with digital photo frames with different functions, we can choose from the following points.
1. Shape, color
The so-called "see people first look at the face", when choosing a digital photo frame, the shape and color are our first consideration. A good digital photo frame is naturally designed to match the design of the home. In addition, in terms of color selection, the color is too abrupt, but it is "successful". Therefore, the digital photo frame that conforms to the simple style is a better choice.
digital photo frame
2. Pixel
The importance of pixels is related to the quality of the photos during playback. Most photo frames on the market, their pixels are about 1024X600, or 800X600. But for the pixels of the digital photo frame, of course, it is better on this standard!
3. Memory
The size of the memory is related to whether you need to replace the memory frequently. Then the common digital photo frame is generally based on 6G and 8G, and its storage capacity is about 2,000 to 4,000. For memory, as well as pixels, higher is better.
digital photo frame
4 other functionalities
Pure storage and playback functions have long been unable to meet our demand for electronic products. We prefer digital photo frames with other functions, such as video.
digital photo frame
Although time flies, we can't catch it, but the momentary freeze, or the record of the time segment, is also a good moment for us to keep a good moment. This way of recording also conveys the temperature of affection between different ages. The sharing and retention of the photos, interpreting the stories behind the photos, in fact, to some extent, also solved the problem of weak family relationships.

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